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About Amp & Morgan J. Ingram

Traditional Marketing Is Dying. How Will Your B2B Marketing Stand Apart?
Are you tired of your paid ad methods that just don’t seem to work anymore? AMP helps your B2B company by amplifying your revenue and marketing with innovative content through narrative-led growth.

We transform your customers and employees into brand influencers.


Elevating your brand marketing narrative is pivotal to your success. But focusing your marketing strategy on B2B influencer creators isn’t enough. To generate powerful content, you need to leverage the people who already believe in your brand: your executive employees and customers. Amplifying your community will boost your content output and spark conversations that turn into revenue. 

By developing content for your executives and customers, you can enable your sales team to post consistently and guarantee that your influencer marketing directly aligns with your brand narrative. We lead marketers in creating this community-driven content, transforming your followers into revenue-generating influencers.


Morgan started creating six years ago on LinkedIn to share value-led content that wasn’t gated or confined to a traditional whitepaper. This led to inbound pipeline flow, closed deals, and longer lifetime customer value of over a million dollars for the companies he worked for. 

This is where the future of marketing is going: community-focused content driven by B2B influencers. As more millennial and Gen Z buyers enter the space, we’ll see people looking at influencers and communities to help them make their buying decisions. AMP multiplies brand reach to turn these communities into revenue.

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